Our Tours

Join us on one of our exciting guided tours. We'll explore an amazing wilderness, and experience the lush, old-growth rainforests of the Tongass National Forest. Alaska's legendary Inside Passage is an intricate network of pristine waterways, granite fjords, and islands of astonishing beauty. It is home to eagles, black and brown bears, humpback whales, orcas, deer and moose, mountain goats, stellar sea lions, sea otters, porpoises and harbor seals.

On our tours, we see charming fishing villages, an incredible array of wildlife, the breathtaking scenery of the Inside Passage, and unique and tantalizing places that no cruise ship sails to.

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance when you book your trip in advance, to protect yourself against unforeseen events. A good option is www.insuremytrip.com.

Inian Islands

Our captain will deliver us into the heart of the Inian Islands Wilderness. This dynamic group of small islands includes a protected anchorage at remote George Island, where we'll hear whales blowing, sea lions barking, and myriads of waterfalls rushing. We’ll explore George Island by foot and we’re certain to see more sea otters and humpback whales. It's an ideal base to observe humpback whales and multitudes of sea lions, as they congregate to feed on the fish and krill that get funneled through the waterways.

Hiking to the outer-coast side of the island, we observe sea cliffs with nesting cormorants. It’s an incredible landscape of sea arches and caves, interspersed with rocky and sandy beaches. Hikers will delight in the spectacular views from several idyllic beaches. Numerous trails take us through old growth rainforests, salmonberry thickets, and into the alpine on the top of the island.

Outer Coast

On this day-long trip, we’ll cruise past Elfin Cove and George Island, travel through Lysianski Inlet, and arrive at White Sulpher Hot Springs. As we navigate the narrow entrance, a group of playful sea otters paddles slowly past us. We’ll discover a pristine Alaskan wilderness at White Sulpher Hot Springs, including meadows full of Alaska’s beautiful vegetation and wild flowers. This is a great place to look for brown bear and sitka black-tail deer. We’ll observe whale spouts and sea otters in the distance. The trail to White Sulpher Hot Springs is a one-hour hike through forest and muskeg, to a rugged beach covered with beach logs and boulders. The cove is on the Pacific Ocean, and big waves are always breaking. Locals occasionally come here for beach combing, hiking, photography, or simply taking in thespectacular views from the Hot Springs.

The vertical tide range here is almost 20 feet! Such a low tide, of course, exposes all sorts of wonderful invertebrates, all of whom must make their living in these incredibly difficult tidal cycles. Perhaps the most beautiful and colorful animals is the sunflower star, the largest and fastest moving sea star in Southeast Alaska. When it really gets going it can cover up to six feet in a single minute! Growing to almost three feet across, its rays break easily and then regenerate. It is so aggressive that even the lethargic red sea cucumber will gallop away when the sunflower star approaches.

Whale Watching

This day-long adventure focuses on two of Southeast Alaska’s greatest attractions – whales and marine mammals. We’ll spend ample time watching both. We’ll be observing and photographing the productive humpback whale feeding areas near Pt. Adolphus, on the northern coast of Chichagof Island. We also hope to see and photograph orcas, sea lions, sea otters, harbor porpoises, harbor seals, dall's porpoises, brown and black bears, eagles, and some of the numerous shore birds which inhabit the rainforest and coastal areas of Southeast Alaska

The whale behaviors we'll see during this expedition are unbelievable. The itinerary is relaxed, allowing ample time for photographing the wildlife and scenery. We'll take time for hiking, kayaking, relaxing, and beach combing. We'll cruise through an amazing wilderness aboard the Taurus, a speedy 27' motor vessel operated by Captain Zach Stenson and Gustavus Water Taxi. This boat offers an outstanding platform from which to photograph the incomparable humpback whales and wildlife of Southeast Alaska.